Beginning Teachers
Starting out in your new profession can be daunting and there is lots of information you probably want and need to know.
Here are a few websites that you will find useful in your first few months of beginning teaching.
Feel free to start discussions and on this page with other beginning teachers or use the discussion page to suggest pages I should add.

Teachers Handbook - NSW DET Handbook, Contains current conditions and responsibilities
Information for Newly Appointed Teachers
NSW Institute of Teachers

Maintainence of Acceditation
Find templates and support and examples to assist you in gaining and maintaining your accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers

First Time Teachers Toolkit - Online link from Professional Development Page - Note: Only accessible through the DET intranet

Teachers starting for the first time in remote and isolated areas are entitled to a range of subsidies - speak to your AP, Head Teacher or Principal if you would like to know more.

Salary and Allowance Advice - Including 8 and 6 Point School Special Allowances
Teacher Housing Australia

Below are some forms you may find useful - They are available for download on the DET intranet - or through your school office.

- Often referred to as a Termination 21