As a wiki is a fantastic collaborative tool - I would love members from our wiki to contribute.
Do you know some great collaborative tools?
Have you used some of the ones below?
Can you offer some more suggestions for use in classsrooms?

Collaborative Tool
Classroom uses and ideas
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Free online space



NSW DET blogging tool. Blogs are able to be classified as only school, DET or for public viewing.
  • Have students post their own work and self reflect on their learning. Peers can also comment.


  • Create a spreadsheet, have students access together and edit, change & create in real time


  • During reading groups, students can read their stories, and peers can comment
  • Scan the cover of a book you have been studying have students retell story
  • Scan cover of a book, students give a review
  • Insert picture related to a new topic, have students comment in a KWL
  • Insert picture related to a topic already studied, have students comment about what they learnt


Online collaborative space, members can add text, images, links and videos.
  • Reflection on a topic/unit
  • Gathering resources and ideas at the beginning of a unit/topic


Brilliant notetaking application which can also be used as a collaboration tool, both with students and other staff members.
Part of the T4L updated image on DET computers, if your DET computer does not have this program. Log a help desk call, or speak to your school computer coordinator.
  • Use the sharing function to share notes, assessments to students.
  • Develop your classroom program in OneNote, share & collaborate with other staff
  • Use the sharing function to work together in real time with students/staff on a joint project - such as collecting resources at the beginning of a topic/unit


Part of the connected classroom projects.
Bridgit is available free to any NSW DET teacher & student.
Due to privacy Bridgit is only able to be used through the DET intranet (you have to logon at school)
  • Link up with other public schools across NSW and use Bridgit at the same time.


DEC’s microblog allows you to connect with your colleagues, ask and answer questions, share resources and find out what is happening around the Department
  • Maang (pronounced 'Marng') is the NSW Department of Education and Communities' microblogging tool which helps connect teachers, school staff and other DEC employees right across NSW