My role as a Connected Learning Coach is to develop the use of ICT in our schools to support Quality Learning opportunities for students, with a particular focus on communication and collaboration.

As a Connected Learning Coach I am available to assist in your school and working with staff on:
  • Assess quality DET resources via the portal, curriculum support and online learning resources such as; Glogs
  • Develop Interactive Whiteboard Resources, including SMART Notebook for beginners and advanced
  • Develop Web2.0 collaborative classroom tools such as; wikis, blogED
  • Integrate ICT into Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Develop Microsoft OneNote Learning Activities
  • Create and develop Moodle courses
  • Develop staff confidence using the Connected Classroom efficiently and making the most of Video Conferencing Facilities
  • Support for staff developing your school Website
  • Support staff with the new DER Laptops and software
I am able to visit schools for individual, small or large group work or connect with remote staff via VC. Please email or call me at District office to discuss or organise a visit.
Delicious: princessfi74

Twitter: @princessfi74

Ph: (08) 8082 5707

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Computers and multimedia are seamlessly woven into the curriculum at technology-rich Mary Scroggs Elementary School

Useful Websites:
EduTecher Regularly updated tech and Web2.0 tools for teachers and educational purposes
Tequipment Educator Resources SMARTboard interactive downloads, lessons & learning objects
All about Explorers Great tool for students to determine the acuracy of information of the internet
Centre for Learning Innovation Fantastic Site, Providing lots of tools, resources and programs for teachers
Expert Technology in Education Talks - Vodcasts
Connecting Classrooms - Link up with students from around the world on a variety of topics. Primary and Secondary.
Virtual Teacher - Links to resource pages & webquests
ICT Showcase - ELearning, ICT Resources and tools
Accessing Curriculum Through Technology Tools Curriculum integration ideas, student examples of podcasting in the classroom.

Download SMART software to your home computer
Smart Lesson Toolkit 2.0 - Download the new Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0

Professional Reading:

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