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CyberSmart Website - Activities, resources and advice for parents, teachers & students
CyberBullying Research Centre - US site, great resources for students, staff and parents
Digital Citizenship - Run by Centre for Learning Innovation, DET, and DER
Cybersafety Help & Advice - Austrailan Government Site - Advice and links about Talking, Reporting and Learning about Cybersafety
Facebook Help - How to flag comments, what to do if you are being subjected to innappropriate comments
Youtube Help - How to flag videos or what to do if an unapproved video of you is posted
Stay Smart Online - The Australian Government’s cyber security website provides information for Australian internet users on the simple steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online.
Educational Law Papers & Resources
Digizan - Cyberbullying resources, looks at role of bystanders, interactive game
Cyber Safe Kids - Australian online resources available for purchase
Alannah & Madeline Foundation - Cyberbullying and the Don't Hurt VIC Government School initiative
Cyberbullying linked to spike in depression - Washington Post Newspaper article

Student Resources Page

News Reports

Cyberbullying leads to teen's suicide
Reducing Bullying and Cyberbullying