Online Interactives

Digital Storytelling - List of resources, links and videos
Storybird Free, Create online books with text and images.
MyEbook - Create and publish free online book. Books are able to be made private and secure using passwords.
StoryNory - Audiobooks Online
Mr Sheehy's English Wikipage - Great example of using a wiki as a class resource, lots of English resources also.
Australian Screen Online - Film clips including teacher's notes


Spellodrome - Highly motivating online spelling program - (Similar to Mathletics)
Spelling City - Students can enter their spelling words for the week and choose an option - Test me, Teach me or Play a game
Kidsspell - Basic spelling games for infants students, personal spelling list words can be used
Tutpup - Fantastic Free online spelling program, children can play at home or school against students from across the world, teachers can link all their students once registered to a class account and keep details of their scores (Similar to Spellodrome but free).
Look Cover - An online Look, Cover, Write, Check, you can use the premade spelling lists or insert your own.
Spelling Wizard - Scholastic interactive online tool, type in your spelling words and either scramble them up or make a word search
AAAspell Variety on online spelling exercises, able to use class spelling words.
Spelling Match Game - Primary based, Select grade and match beginnings/end/parts of words together

Text Type Resources

Purple Mash Publish Projects - offers short stimulating videos then supplies a scaffolded writing structure - including appropriate photos for each topic. Eg lost pet, recipes etc. Documents can be saved and printed.
Jenny Eather - Writing Fun - Interactive examples of Primary Text Types


Jolly Phonics - UK site

Record the students singing each Jolly Phonics song and make them into a video for students to sing along to.
You could use this as student's evidence/documentation in an e-portfolio. What a wonderful idea!


Rhymezone- Online tool, find rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms and more

Cool tools to try in your english classroom

Prezi - A zooming presentation tool

Voice Thread - Program that allows a recorded discussion and comment about an image using voice, text and drawings
Wordle Create artistic word designs using this online application.
Wordle: English notebook cover

Resources, Lesson Plans, Examples, Further Reading

CineLiteracy - PSP funded program. Creating authentic and challenging literacy strategies through cinetography
Actors set stage for boost to learningAustralian Newpaper Article about Actors visiting Primary schools and providing PL for teachers about how to integrate drama into the literacy classroom. View the available workshops at Sydney Theatre Company Professional Development Courses
Literacy Teaching Guides A comprehensive range of new teacher support for the explicit teaching of literacy
Read Write Think - Teacher Resources, lesson plans, units and examples
Book Raps - DET site, weekly blog holding discussions about texts with other schools and students
Connecting Literacy Texts with Cogs - Suggestions for Texts that link with each COG unit

Debating Resources

Australian Debating Federation -‘ The peak body for schools debating in Australia. Oversees the provision of debating competitions for Australian school students from across the country.’ All relevant information.
Debating and Public Speaking - Information about events and training for these from the Department of Education & Training, New South Wales
Strictly Speaking - ‘A guide specifically intended for students and teachers of public speaking’. NSW Department of Education, Teaching & Learning Exchange.
I Beg to Differ : Debating - New Zealand Site. Provides a full English Unit plan with all relevant resources for students in the senior secondary area. Worth consideration.
Debate in the Classroom - Mix of lessons, ideas, techniques, effective speaking skills, rubrics, more. US based information, but still relevant.
Debating Ideas - Includes a Five-minute Debate Planner as well as topics grouped in either themes or levels.
7500+ Speech Topics - ‘Free speech topics with more than 4 000 persuasive, informative and other speech ideas, speech writing tips, how to guides, tutorials, information on outlining your speech topic for public speaking.’
Masters Academy - Free debate coaching podcasts, other resources available for purchase.
How to prepare for a Debate
Debating SA - Free downloadable version of The Official Debating Manual - provides comprehensive and detailed guidance about the rules and techniques of debating.
Debatepedia - Similar to wikipedia, offers hundreds of pros and cons on debating topics.

Australian authors and illustrators