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How do we make quality learning experiences for our students integrating ICT?
It's not about the tools - it's using the tools to facilitate learning.

ICT Multiple Intelligences

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and ICT - How can we incorporate both ideas?blooms_taxonomy.jpg

Blooms & ICT

Blooms Digital Taxonomy - A new look at Blooms

Blooms Integrating ICT - WazMac's website fantastic resources
Below are the direct links to WazMaz's pages on ICT tools to use for the various levels.

Integrated Units

Integrated Units - Lessons and units from Jackson County School District.

School ICT Planning

As with any other school planning, all school ICT planning should start by considering the school learning environment and student learning outcomes, then work towards the development of infrastructure and TPL programs that support these learning outcomes. WazMac

Developing a School ICT Vision - It is important to have a common goal and direction about where your schools is heading

ICT School Planning - Planning Cycle

ICT School Scope & Sequences

Western by Design Toolkits

Please note that only Western NSW DET Teachers are able to access these toolkits through our intranet
ICT Toolkit & Discussion Starters

School Technology Leaders

Resources for Tech Leaders Meeting
15th September 2011

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