Indigenous Resources
8 Ways Wiki - This is a pedagogy framework that allows teachers to include Aboriginal perspectives by using Aboriginal learning techniques. This wiki is managed by the RAET team at the Aboriginal Knowledge and Practice Centre, Dubbo. It presents a framework expressed as eight interconnected pedagogies.
Moorditj - which means “strong” or “excellent” — is a multi-award-winning interactive CD-ROM celebrating the depth and diversity of the cultural expressions of Indigenous Australian artists. Moorditj explores 300 artworks from 110 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, including Sally Morgan, Yothu Yindi, Neville T Bonner and the Bangarra Dance Theatre.
Cultural Infusion - School programs and visiting performers.

Sharing Culture "Sharing Culture Online is an innovative new system that enables Indigenous students to learn, appreciate, celebrate and engage with their culture and schooling. It also gives all students, regardless of their ethnic background, the opportunity to learn about and engage in the rich diversity of Indigenous communities and their cultures. It’s a flexible, easily accessible platform that can be adapted to various educational and community needs"