Video Conferencing

VC Cafe - NSW DET Sharepoint - Great place to meet contacts or add your class details to organise a VC session with other classes, students, schools. Also a very extensive downloadable list of Notebook files contributed by teachers across NSW. You will need to sign in using your DET username (add @DET to the end) and password. Example: firstname.lastname@DET, password
Breakkie with a Teckkie Regular early morning (8.00am AEST, 7.30am BHtime) VCs, great opportuntity to hear about new tools and resources.

Video Conferencing In Plano - Ideas and Guides
On and E-Journey with Generation Y - Collaborative Activities and Case Studies
Teaching using Video Conferencing - Self training modules
Video Conferencing: Novelty or Legitimate Teaching Tool
Video Conferencing Guides
VC in the Kinder Class- US Newspaper article, How a Kinder class are taking advantage of VC learning

Great ideas for projects via VC
How to facilitate a great VC - Ideas about how to incorporate Langford Tools in a VC context

Podcast - Using Bridgit to Link Classrooms Studying Indigenous Groups in Canada

Bridgit Resources