Wikis - Videos to demonstrate features of wikispaces
Educational Wikis - Examples, Research and Articles about Wikis,

Class Examples
Mr Sheehy's English Page - Great example of a Secondary English class wiki, provides great resources too.
Gol Gol Kinder - Great example of how Wikis can be used in Infants/Primary
Science Inquirer - Thousands of Free Science Resources, Links, Videos and Podcasts
MSC-KS3 Technology - Great example of using a wiki in Food Tech, D&T and ICT to deliver course materials and assessments
Race Track Maths - A wiki created to share a primary teaching unit
Wiki-Centric Learning - How can you run classes with a wiki?

Useful Wikis
Educational Wikis - Extensive list of educational wikis
Cool Tools for Schools - Lots of Web2.0 Tools
Perk Up Your Projects - More Web2.0 Tool
Educational Origami - Looks at Education in the 21st Century and pffers strategies and ideas for how we can adapt our teaching.
Litehouse4skools Extenstive collection of resources and information. Mentoring, student engagement, web2.0 tools.
Getting Tricky with Wikis - Lots of cool tools to make your wiki stand out.

courtesy of the CAP Chatter Wiki
The DET school line presently blocks all wikispaces for students - teachers can access them though. If you want one for your students you will have to ask for it to be unblocked. Students can access the wikispace from home without needing it unblocked of course.

Download this Word.doc (actually a scanned page on a Word .doc) - Interim School Guidelines for the Creation of Blog and Wiki Sites
external image msword.png wikis_DET+guidelines.doc
If you follow the guidelines your school wikispace will be UNBLOCKED -
  1. the wikispace MUST be PRIVATE - ie a user name and a password are required to view and/or edit
  2. each user MUST have a unique USER NAME and PASSWORD
  3. the administrator (usually the classroom teacher or principal) MUST set up the wikispace so that he/she is informed of all updates (ie additions, edits) by email.

Once you have set up your space go to in My Portal - My Applications
Select: Internet Filtering - Web Filter Check - (about half way down the page) and then Web Filter Check
Use this tool to check if staff or students at your site area are allowed access to specific URLs.
Check to see that it is Blocked for Students (it will be) and then click on the link: Request to Block/Unblock/Categorise a site

You must identify the actual URL of your wikispace eg
Copy and paste the 10 points below and submit your site to be unblocked
  1. The wikispace is PRIVATE - a user name and a password are required to view and/or edit
  2. Each user MUST have a unique USER NAME and PASSWORD
  3. I as the administrator, am informed of all updates (ie additions, edits) by email.
  4. The wiki is private and not visable to search engines.
  5. The content of the wiki is curriculum orientated
  6. I as the administrator retain full responsibility for all the material on the site.
  7. Cyberbullying is dealt with through the school's discipline policy.
  8. The site is maintained to ensure there are no inappropriate links.
  9. The site will be terminated when it is no longer required.
  10. DET copyright provisions are met.

To register your class as wikispace members in one go visit: teachers#accounts


Widgets are simple, fun, and useful applications that can be embedded on a webpage, blog, or social media page. Widgets are great because they allow you to easily create customized content with no coding knowledge necessary. If you can type text and choose colors or images, you can make a personalized widget in less than five minutes.

Here are some widgets you can put on your wiki.

Clustrmaps - Add this widget to show what countries visit your wiki the most
Locations of visitors to this page

Voki - Create talking characters and add them to your wiki

Get a Voki now!

Survey Gizmo - Create Survey and Polls

Clicker Ticker - Create a Counter to let you know how many people visit your page

Use photobucket to download animations to include in your wiki, they can be downloaded using html code (large) or download to your computer and inserted as a file (small - size can be changed),
can you see me now? Pictures, Images and Photos1251735961_madagascar.gif

Use Weather Craven to make a widget to show your local weather

A google search engine from Widgetbox

Bart Simpson's chalkboard writing - find it at Widgetbox

Proquest - Search engine widgets

Want to create a pop up on your wiki? Type the HTML code below into your "other widget" box

<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">

An interesting widget from Widgetbox Jackson Pollock style